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Venezuela has already raised 5 Billion dollars for its ICO claimed their President, Nicolas Maduro.
John McAfee charges $105K per tweet promoting an ICO.
93% of trading volume on OKEx is fabricated.
Goldman Sachs is halting plans to open a crypto trading desk.
Tron's whitepaper plagiarizes Filecoins'.


It’s said that around two out of every three millennials hold the belief that Bitcoin is a much better investment than traditional precious metals like gold and silver. The world is changing fast, that’s for sure.

But Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still relatively young. This means that there is an abundance of prospective investors who are held when it comes to buying cryptocurrency or trading with it.

Often people just need a helping hand. That’s where the Bitcoin Profit platform comes in. A unique platform with a simple signup process can open the doors into the world of crypto for any investor, regardless of experience.

Bitcoin Profit achieves this by utilizing auto trading software that allows you to set your trading parameters and let the trading robot do all of the work whilst you go about your day.

In addition, Bitcoin Profit acts as a kind of ‘Sheriff’ in a world of cryptocurrency that can sometimes be like the Wild West. It actively connects traders to the best brokers around to ensure that they don’t fall into the hands of unscrupulous people.

Figure out what's true and what's not

What is truth?

What makes it true?

Whom do you believe?

How can I trust you?

The problem with truth

Truth is a messy thing. There are facts (objective), there are opinions (subjective), and they are truths in between. Blockchains are great for validating data — anything that has tangible proof. Such as a transaction. Or a ballot.

But what about truths that can't fit into an algorithm? Like claims that people make? There are things that are true that we determine are true because knowledgeable people have agreed upon them, independently.

Our solution

Bitcoin Profit is a social network for experts to identify what is true and what isn't. You earn tokens for identifying accurate information and refuting inaccurate information and lose tokens otherwise. The app is currently focused exclusively on cryptocurrency-related topics.

What is Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin Profit is a trading platform with a mission. Its humble roots began with the goal of making crypto trading available to everyone, regardless of their experience or social status. The aim of the grassroots team behind the Bitcoin Profit software was to provide a trading robot that would allow investors to set their goals and parameters in order to make their desired profit in as little time as possible. Nobody wants to be staring at a chart on a screen 24 hours a day. So Bitcoin Profit relies on a world-class trading robot that executes trades for users based on their personal preferences. In addition, Bitcoin Profit has earned a world-class reputation as a platform that connects its users with some of the most trusted and well-run crypto parties providing trading services around the world. Ensuring a smooth trading experience and keeping people safe in the process.

Can anyone sign up for a Bitcoin Profit account?

Yes indeed! Bitcoin Profit believes that crypto trading should be available to everyone with good intentions. So we ensure that our sign-up process for a bitcoin profit app account is super-straightforward! Take a look:

  • It’s free to sign up for a trading account– Although it costs millions to create such trading software, it’s free to sign up for the Bitcoin Profit platform. We just need a few basic details from you first then we’ll let you know when your account is approved.

  • Make a deposit to start trading – Once approved, you just need to make a very low minimum deposit of $250 to fund your account. This money is yours to do with as you like on the platform.

  • Start trading crypto! – The best stage of all is to finally start trading! With your initial deposit, Bitcoin Profit provides a wealth of cryptocurrency options to invest in and diversify your portfolio.

Can anyone sign up for a Bitcoin Profit account?

What can Bitcoin Profit do for you?

Bitcoin Profit is not just about connections to world-class brokers and award-winning trading software, it offers a wealth of other benefits too. Such as:

High levels of security - Cybercrime surrounding crypto is on the rise. Luckily, Bitcoin Profit knows how to keep you and your trading account safe. We utilize high levels of online security to protect both your crypto and your personal details.

Fast withdrawals – What’s the point of potentially increasing your profits if you can’t access them? We ensure that withdrawals from the platform are fast and smooth to give you access to your profits whenever you need them. Trade on the go – We understand that the world is increasingly mobile. So the Bitcoin Profit software is available on both desktop and mobile browsers, meaning you can trade wherever you are provided you have an internet connection.

What can Bitcoin Profit do for you?


Do I need trading experience to use the Bitcoin Profit app?

No, we believe crypto investing should be open for all so Bitcoin Profit is suitable for beginners and experienced traders alike. The latter will be well at home with the manual trading aspects whereas beginners can take advantage of the automated trading feature that will see a trading robot execute Bitcoin Profit trades on the financial markets according to their preferences.

Do I need to trade full-time?

Thanks to the automated trading software, you can spend a mere twenty minutes a day setting your trading parameters and still see fantastic results if done correctly. Allowing you to go about your day as normal.

How much can I make on the Bitcoin Profit trading platform?

We’re a legit platform, so we don’t make false promises here. The amount of profit you can make is entirely down to you and how you use our trading robots software. Many people have attested that, when used correctly, their profits have surged thanks to the Bitcoin Profit software and they've been able to generate significant benefits thanks to the advanced trading algorithms.

Important risk note disclaimer: The world of cryptocurrency investing is volatile and prices can fluctuate at a moment’s notice. Bitcoin Profit and its trading tools do not guarantee a return on investment and initial investors should always seek financial advice from a registered professional prior to trading cryptocurrencies. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.